"Thanks to Open Book Publicity, I had ten times more radio interviews for my last book than I did for both of my first two books.  Leslie and Emily are wonderfully energetic and thorough and a delight to work with in every way."

—Bruce Eric Kaplan, Executive Producer of 6 Feet Under, cartoonist for The New Yorker and author of This is a Bad Time

"This is saying a lot in this age of caller ID, but if I see Open Book's name on the phone screen - I actually pick up the call! I would not miss the opportunity to speak with someone who, believe it or not, knows our audience, is prepared for the pitch and gives me all the information I need to know. They have never let me down, always professional, highly amusing and don't get mad at me - on the rare occasion -  when I say no. And then there are the wonderful guests. Open Book is a class act!"

—Joe Donahue, News Director, host of Roundtable WAMC National Productions

"When my publisher told me Open Book Publicity would be working on my book, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I knew my book would be pitched with confidence and verve, and the publicity packets would go out in time. I knew interviews would be booked, good ones, and when I showed up for the interviews, interviewers would be well prepared and actually happy to see me. I knew my schedule would show up in my in-box at the just the right moment, and all directions would be clear. I knew they would push enough to get my message to as many markets as possible, but not so much I felt I was selling widgets on the Shopping Network. Most importantly, I knew I could relax and be the writer, Open Book Publicity would take care of all the rest. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are thorough, aggressive, well respected, and you can do your interviews lying down on your comfy sofa if necessary. Who could ask for more?"

—Rebecca Walker, author of Black, White & Jewish , What Makes a Man and BabyLove

"I love working with Open Book Publicity. Their work is consistently superlative, which is why we've been working with them for many years now. They're hard-working, creative, well-connected, and also a lot of  fun to have drinks with! I highly recommend them."

—Michael Taeckens, Marketing Director, Graywolf Press (former Publicity Director Algonquin Books)

"Open Book Publicity has top-notch media experts who always get results. I've worked with them on many projects over the years, and, in addition to being all-around great people, they are some of the best publicists in the business.”

—Craig Burke, Vice President, Director of Publicity. Berkley/NAL, Penguin Group (USA).

"Open Book Publicity gets results where nobody else can. Their connections are deep and widespread.  They don't stop until they've turned over every rock.”

—Amy Hertz, Editor-at-Large, Dutton, and Huffington Post’s Books Editor

"Open Book makes good publicity happen, possibly by magic, but more likely by good hard work.  They sell books to the media and they sold ours big time. We are eternally grateful.  No question about it: Open Book's capability is an Open and Shut Case!"

Daniel Klein & Thomas Cathcart, authors of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar and Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through Those Pearly Gates

"I love working with Open Book Publicity.  They have such superior judgment, that the people they represent are always worth interviewing, providing us with the material for exceptional radio shows. Leslie & Emily bring professionalism and passion to their work – and over the years they've made my job easier and more rewarding. Best of all, through the course of doing business, I am delighted to say that we have truly become good friends."

—Janelle Haskell, Executive Producer, Primetime Radio, AARP Radio

"Open Book Publicity worked so hard for me and my book that I was almost embarrassed by all the press I got. I'm considering the possibility that Leslie Rossman may know just about everyone."

Beth Lisick, author of Everybody into the Pool, and co-organizer of the Porchlight Storytelling Series

"I can’t say enough great things about Open Book. I first encountered the firm when I was a features reporter at the Boston Herald. They’d pitch me stories on the books they were working on, and I was always so impressed with their press kits—and later wowed by the personal follow-up—that when it came time to hire publicists to promote my book, there was literally no question about which firm to choose. They are like miracle workers, with amazing connections at seemingly every radio station across the country. They booked me on a huge number of shows (on NPR affiliates and other stations), and almost every producer I spoke with raved about them during the pre-show talk. I agree!"

--Beth Teitell, Boston Globe contributing writer and author of From Here to Maternity and Drinking Problems at the Fountain of Youth

"Leslie Rossman and her team are surely the most energetic, hard working and devoted  book publicists I have come across in over two decades of hosting programs in both commercial and public broadcasting, in radio and television.  I commend Leslie's intelligence and her zeal in representing top quality authors and doing so in ways that make particularly clear what the authors have to say and what is best and most important, as well as most controversial and marketable, in their work for the public to be aware of.  She is, aside from those virtues I've mentioned, gracious and warm and funny and pleasant to work with.  Perhaps the most laudable thing I can say about Leslie is that if I personally needed (and let us pray I will) a book publicist to represent my book I would need to go no further than Leslie Rossman."

—Michael Krasny, Senior Editor, host of KQED's Forum, Northern California NPR affiliate

"The team at Open Book is great at getting publicity. That's why I've worked with them for over 15 years!"

—M.J. Ryan, author of Attitudes of Gratitude, The Power of Patience, AdaptAbility, Trusting Yourself and The Happiness Makeover

"Leslie’s and Emily’s professionalism, creativity, and unending perseverance make Open Book Publicity one of the best in the business.  Their A+ results have always kept me coming back to Open Book Publicity for years and still counting. Highly recommended."

—Marilyn Ducksworth, Senior Vice President,  Executive Director of Publicity for Penguin Putnam Inc and Riverhead Books